Indeed, why I haven’t update my blog, huh?

I just realised that I actually didn’t update my blog daily like I used to. And indeed why?

I don’t know what I have been up to lately, really.

Almost everyday, I have something to do. Mostly chores that suck the energy and bubbles in me.

I got a new phone and I am still getting used to it. I spend a lot of time tweedling the buttons.

I had been out doing CJ and that usually sucks up a lot of my time because I need to spend a lot of time editing.

Editing video is no fun because I will be sitting down, listening to parts of speeches over and over again.

I haven’t been to Komtar Level 28 for a long time already because I don’t know why CM also never call for PC at his office lately.

There are events but usually I don’t go unless I have some udang di sebalik batu like cornering the people there to get interviews.

I spend a lot of time driving up and down, picking/fetching kid. It is no fun staying in Tanjong Bungah and having to go to Green Lane for school. I just cannot wait for school holiday to start. Next year, I only need to drive up to Pulau Tikus at St. Xavier cawangan.

I didn’t cook much because the kids don’t seem to have a fix time to eat due to their classes, gym, sleep, etc etc. I hate leftovers so the best solution is to eat out.

I have a son who can cooks so well, I can easily put up my apron and shake legs. Today, my eldest and his group cooked modern Chinese cooking. I am surprised and very proud that the foods taste good.

I spend a lot of time at the mall because how can you resist when Gurney Plaza is on the way between my son’s kindie and home? Sometimes, instead of coming home to wait out, I sneaked to Gurney to waste two hours.

Life is good. Very good.

So, yeah, basically, I have nothing to blog about. Tomorrow, I am going for an eye check to see if I am a suitable to go for Lasik. It is one of those things that would end my hate for spectacles. It is not fun wearing spec and my optometrist doesn’t allow me to wear contacts for long hours.

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  1. very touched by this article. with people like you around , Penang will definitely move forward towards change and a better place for all Penangites. My support is with you.

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