Twitter Updates for 2009-11-04

  • Chicken rice is Hainanese, chicken out is NOT Hainanese…So…Lilian, remember, you are Hainanese. #
  • Die di….i drank HK tea at K.Gary at 9pm n now I am soooo wide awake but my cheemui gone to sleep liao. Die to sleep? edit video #
  • YAY! Temptation overcame and my blog has Christmas theme complete with colourful snowflakes n countdown – 50 days to Christmas #
  • I dunno how da fark I managed to delete my whole Document folder! And it isn't even in Recycle Bin.! *keeps finger cross nothing lost* #
  • is trying hard not to change her blog theme to Christmas with snowflakes falling…trying…trying…trying… #
  • #
  • YES! The candy canes are in the stores. Christmas is indeed here! (but the darn canes get more & more exp. each yr) #
  • RT @fantasie62: @Asohan DrPornthip not regst as Msian Med Prc Can't do 2nd autopsy NOT bcos of her hairdo(I want to dye! #
  • Someone wants to expose my true colour as DAP spy. Comment in OI, Bodoh, come to my blog lah, no one reads Youtube la #
  • Phweet! Zaid's video hit 11K views. Tks to the 'no more Japense fight fire' video,that's why lah. #
  • RT @NewStraitsTimes: Najib: Morally wrong to ask for bonus (caya sama lu lah! LOL) #
  • is taking a nap. I forget to drink coffee and now, my eyelids can't open. Don't miss me hor? #
  • RT @junw3n: @5xmom Your kids got twitter? Would be wierd reading my mom tweeting abt orgasms and foreplay… (eh, why lah, language nia) #
  • Now my broadband so fast, the porn star gets her orgasm n I hvn't even press the (fore)play button yet. Doh…LOL (just lame joke nia) #

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