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Chill a bit, life is short

If I think it is ready to welcome Christmas, then it is. Nice or not, come to my blog and see snow falling. I have never seen real snow falling so I will probably do that before I die. At least once.

If I think my point of view matters and I am correct, I am correct, no one can argue. I must remember my Hainanese or Khengchew (can’t differentiate this, cos they are from different province in China but same Hainan island, I think) blood flowing in me. I am after all, a Hainanese so must make mental note of that always. Maybe I should tattoo myself with ‘You are Hainanese, you have the right to blow typhoon’. But then, I wonder why all my older siblings are so nice, so gentle and nothing like me. Maybe, my mother forget to give me her xing ning gentleness genes since I was the fifth child and an unplanned one.

I have an appointment to check my eyes to see if I can do lasik. It is another one of those things that I would want to try. I hate wearing spectacles. It is like having a piece of thing stuck to your nose, covering your eyes and I don’t see a point in spending money on my Bobbi Brown eyeshadows when I have to wear spectacles. Oh ya, I am now an Amway user, btw.

So, yeah, in everything, try at least once. It won’t kill you, I hope. That way, you can look back someday and said, Been there, done that.

7 Responses to “Chill a bit, life is short”

  1. *snowflakes are falling on my head*

  2. A few of my friends had lasik and they have no problems. I am not so berani yet…… maybe after you had yours …. So do keep us informed!

    I don’t like glasses too… keep on misplacing them.

  3. A fren of mine had lasik. Can c far2 away but still need reading glasses 4close-ups 🙁

  4. yay for christmas and snowflakes!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    i’ve been thinking about going for lasik as well… but still feel rather chicken about it. so do keep us updated! 😛

  5. I love Christmas!!! Got the feel from just seeing your blog!

  6. Time of the year again, time passed so fast especially so this year!
    Good luck with your lasik………..Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  7. Lilian, please post on your lasik procedure. I am interested too but a wee bit skeptical. After lasik, still need reading glasses for the fine print, is it?