If I think it is ready to welcome Christmas, then it is. Nice or not, come to my blog and see snow falling. I have never seen real snow falling so I will probably do that before I die. At least once.

If I think my point of view matters and I am correct, I am correct, no one can argue. I must remember my Hainanese or Khengchew (can’t differentiate this, cos they are from different province in China but same Hainan island, I think) blood flowing in me. I am after all, a Hainanese so must make mental note of that always. Maybe I should tattoo myself with ‘You are Hainanese, you have the right to blow typhoon’. But then, I wonder why all my older siblings are so nice, so gentle and nothing like me. Maybe, my mother forget to give me her xing ning gentleness genes since I was the fifth child and an unplanned one.

I have an appointment to check my eyes to see if I can do lasik. It is another one of those things that I would want to try. I hate wearing spectacles. It is like having a piece of thing stuck to your nose, covering your eyes and I don’t see a point in spending money on my Bobbi Brown eyeshadows when I have to wear spectacles. Oh ya, I am now an Amway user, btw.

So, yeah, in everything, try at least once. It won’t kill you, I hope. That way, you can look back someday and said, Been there, done that.