Twitter Updates for 2009-11-05

  • Now it is to Komtar to attend CM's press con. I think I hvn't been there like 3 wks already. Wuah….pak guards semua sure rindu I already #
  • There's no toilet like home toilet. I'd drive extra 40 minutes for my home sweet home toilet. #
  • Oh what the EFF, Paypal reversed my withdrawal to CHIMP bank bck to PP again. Sigh…I shall use AlRajhi and see. Folks, stay away fm CHIMP #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Youth, news & the papers #
  • Some loser said this to me : I think you are a gerakan arse lickers out to soil and stir shit for Penang gomen. (LOL ystdy I was DAP spy) #
  • What the Home Ministry does not know about print media… Catch my next video.. #
  • 1Maggi 1Telur 1Bawang 1Goreng 1Meal 1Happy 5xmom #
  • Girls, remember…marry only orphans who has no siblings. But I promise to be a gud mother-in-law, so you are safe with my sons. #
  • Tell a million lies, fake a thousand smiles and tralalala, they are off on their merry ways #
  • WTF! I paling hate monsters-in-law who come by w/o notice n they hv to do it when their brother is not around. KNNMCB, am staying in my room #
  • The eye doctor told me my eyes are 500 & 475…Wuah, imagine how many rings around the glasses if I use the conventional glasses? #
  • RT @jayelleenelial: when some1 tells me off about something tt do that annoys them, I just wanna do it more to piss them off. (me too!) #
  • Many idiots hv turned loyar buruk, polikus buruk and bigger idiots when they discovered Facebook. Are you one of them? #
  • Doh…Do you think my Facebook account is Lim Guan Eng's fan boi page? Who cares if people like him or not? It is none of my blardy biznes #
  • Chialat, so many days (Oct 28 till today), my USD200 still tak masuk my CHIMP Bank fm Paypal yet. How leh? Got more to cash now, how leh? #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Pakatan – Voters' opinions #

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