I went for a preliminary eye test this morning. The eye expert told me my power is 475/500. OMG, that’s like soooooooo bookworm type of thick glasses.

I just look through my old post and realised my current pair of spectacle costs me RM1,700. I hardly wear it because I hate the progressive lenses or what you call those spectacles for both near and far. It is already two years old.

Due to my bad experience with contact lens, where I almost get corneal ulcer, I had been warned by my eye specialist to avoid wearing contact lens for too long. However, I haver always cheated and extend beyond the max 8 hours he allowed me.

I had been having problems reading small prints since 2006, i.e. when I was 42? So, I was prescribed mono-vision contact lens. I can rant on and on about my eyes.

But I decided maybe it is time I do something about it. Get Lasik.

However, they cannot do a proper test unless I lay off contact lens for seven days. That means, for the next seven days, I have to stick to my darn expensive but freaking ugly spectacles (all specs are ugly, ok?). Like it or not, must not wear contact lens.

Then, if the eyes are good enough for Lasik, I have to wait another week to do the procedure. Then, I can see clearly without contact lens or spectacles because I am opting for monovision.

But that’s not the end of the agony yet. After the lasik, I cannot wear eye make-up for 3 weeks. So, I waited till my niece’s wedding is over before I go for lasik. It so happened, the date is fixed on my wedding anniversary. I can’t remember how many years wedding anniversary and I don’t care anyway. I think 21 years?

Therefore, you will probably hear a lot of my love-hate relationship with spectacles. Arrggh..I hate being four-eyes all over again. The darn spec caused me so much miseries when I was young.

I had watched a video on lasik, the latest technology (there are the old lasik and newer more advanced one) and am alright with the procedure. Still, I need to wait for the complete eye test before I can start dreaming of falling asleep without having the panicky thought of ‘OMG, I forgot to remove my contact lens, it has dissolved and blinded me!’