I have a little dilemma. For some strange reason, my Paypal withdrawal did not go into my CHIMP bank like it should. So, I was a little bit pissed. You see, I have three bank accounts. Two of them are joint-names. We have joint name accounts, which is a ‘either or’ because in case one of us died, the other can just withdraw the money. Otherwise, it will be one messy hell of getting the paperworks done.

But I have one CHIMP bank which is only a single name. That’s where I channeled all my overseas income. I have this little private space where I stash my money as and when it flows in. Actually, I have two banks where the money goes to. One is my Paypal money, the other the Google Adsense.

So, I cannot withdraw my Paypal (which is quite substantial each month) into my CHIMP bank. I had no problem channeling them to AlRajhi but I need to pay USD5 for every transaction.

So, I told the man. Dear…I think I am going to need to open another bank account with MaybeBank lah. You see, my Paypal no longer needs to go to AlRajhi. It goes easily to MaybeBank.

He said, “Siao ah? Open so may account for what? UOB leh? UOB cannot ah?”

I retorted, “No, cannot. It is a our joint bank account.”

Haih…dilemma. I am very possessive with money I made. When it comes to money, I can get very angry. Like when he lent a huge sum to his sibling. Then, he also bought a car in his own name for another sibling. I don’t care if the money is not mine, but as far as I am concerned, they are my sons’.

So, for peace on earth, I always advocate a woman to make your own money, keep it in your name. If you cannot make your own money, at least suck your spouse dry.

And for those of you with mother-in-law, my dear married girlfriends ah, listen here properly. Get your husband to do a will and make sure he gives every single cent, property, insurance, EPF to you and only you.

Otherwise, should he die, do you know that your mother-in-law has a right to his money, assets and everything? Well, some mother-in-law maybe nice and give all to you without taking a cent. But there are families whose husband’s sibling will demand that you give to your mother-in-law who in turn will distribute it amongst themselves.

You think I am kidding you? No, it happens to someone. The husband is dead. She has two young children. Her mother-in-law prolly has very short self life. But the old lady’s other son is claiming the old lady’s share. It is sad, huh? 1/4 to her, 1/4 to wife, 1/2 to the children. That’s the law.

You can never be too sure with money. Make every cents is yours, yours, yours and yours alone. No share-share one, ok? Of course, if you spend, it is his money. If he spends it is our money. If he lends to the in-laws, it is my money and I get pissed.

Talking about spending money, I was a little guilty for spending RM2.2K in a handphone. So, I told him, “Actually, I don’t have to feel guilty about it cos I can easily cash out my Paypal and buy it. But I feel soooo guilty about that.”

No response.

Then, I continue, “Well, moreover, you never buy me anniversary gift lah, birthday gift lah, special day gift lah…So one lump sum buy a RM2.2K phone is nothing, right?”

He said, “Don’t worry, I will buy you one lump sum of gifts, all gifts, one shot. What else you need?”

Having been married for 21 years (well almost), I know where he is getting at. I told him, “Sorry wor, I am a Christian, we Christians don’t accept papers one.”

Oh well…that gives me more reason to spend, spend, spend. Life is short. Why keep so much? Jesus said, “Do not store up treasure for yourself on earth.” So, my Lord said, “Go tell everyone, that your Lord asks you to buy whatever you fancy.” (and as long as I channeled back my works for free)

Have a good weekend, you all!