Twitter Updates for 2009-11-07

  • In case you guys miss this….*my jaw n cheeks hurt from laughing too hard* Long long no flame war liao, popcorn pls #
  • Facebook shud come with an age warning, "Not appropriate for immature minds" Just like how porn sites come with age verification. #
  • Before my lk can trap a rat, he trapped his wife. KNN, the sticky mess I stepped on tt kenot be washed off. #
  • I wonder…if I set up a Rosmah Fan Club…will you join? Serious…. #
  • Churchie ppl r not necessary very nice ppl sometimes. Today, no one wants 2 give way 2 my car 2 get out until Uncle Rajan stopped them. #
  • Finally, I have a Sunday that I don't need to be churchie. Nice…no choir, mass today, tomorrow can hold hands go dimsum with the lk. #
  • ARrggh…late, so late, must bath, much change, must drive up again. Sigh…SADurday …… #
  • Busy like hell. Drive up, drive down, drive up, drive down…But my son & frens r making mushroom quiche, chic canape & cheesecake for CEC! #

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