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    US United States
    CA California San Francisco
    Latitude – 37.7645
    Longitude – -122.4294
    SBC Internet Services SBC Internet Services
    Metro Code – 807
    Area Code – 415

  2. IP Address Location results for
    IP Address: WhoIs Lookup IP BlackList Lookup
    Hostname: adsl-76-212-14-135.dsl.pltn13.sbcglobal.net Reverse DNS
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    IP Address Conversion – IP Convert for to Hex & to Dec
    IP to Dec [IP Address to decimal]: 1288965767
    IP to Hex [IP Address to hexadecimal]: 4cd40e87
    IP to Bin [IP to binary]: 1001100110101000000111010000111

    IP Address Lookup results for North America
    IP Address Continent: North America
    IP Continent Code:(NA)
    IP Continent Population: 528,720,588
    IP Continent Area: 24,490,000 km²
    IP Continent Total Population: 8%
    IP Continent Density People: 21.0 per km²

    IP Location Lookup results for United States
    IP Country Name: United States
    IP Country Capital: Washington
    IP Language: English
    IP Currency: United States dollar($) (USD)
    IP Country Latitude: (38)
    IP Country Longitude: (-98)
    IP Country Code: USA (US)

    IP Location Lookup results for in California
    State/Region: CA
    IP Address Region: California
    IP Address City: Oakland
    IP Address Latitude: (37.795)
    IP Address Longtitude: (-122.2193)

    Additional IP Location information for
    IP Address Organization: SBC Internet Services
    ISP ASN: AS7132
    Time zone for America/New_York
    Local time zone for America/New_York

    via: http://www.find-ip-address.org/ip-address-locator.php

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