Twitter Updates for 2009-11-10

  • At 45, I get 60+ old fugly men leering. Feel like splashing hot coffee on their dead birdie! Mommy, why you never tell me life is likedis? #
  • Have you noticed my blog 'snowfall' actually have snow 'stuck' to the bottom of yr monitor. So kewwwwttttt #
  • Read Janet Steele's article on Malaysiakini She taught us narrative journalism in CJ but I've yet to use it. 🙁 #
  • Oh em gee! My blog post picked up by Little Sisters of the Poor Hope I didn't shock anyone with my language LOL #
  • What colour is your Tweetdeck? Mine is pink, of course. #
  • FB is full of delusioanal, politicians wannabe but they provide good entertainment and musing, though. #
  • Just had Corona and a bite of tenderloin for lunch #
  • Payment expected fm @nuffnang RM3.6K on 17/11, RM1.4K on 20/11 n current hv RM770. Do the maths, Lililan. Stop doubting. #
  • My skin crawls, my hair stands on end and puffed up like Rosmah, my face grimaces, my fingers quivers….it is so hard. #
  • Lilian…start boasting, pump those figures, tell the world what you actually do. *stabs self with carrot and celery sticks* #
  • I am too nice, I have problem boasting about myself. I failed miserably when it comes to selling. #
  • RT @ahbing: @5xmom Following: 77Followers: 335 Updates: 1796 (TQ, that was fast, faster than I cud login) #
  • Eh, how many followers do I have on Twitter? Who can see and tell me? I lazy go login Twitter. 😛 #
  • " that darn Word document and freaking start typing! " #
  • With five large prawns, many mantis prawns, several cockles still swimming in my stomach, I think I dun need lunch till dinner time. #

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