Twitter Updates for 2009-11-11

  • God..I have only 1 thing to ask 2day.I want to wear back my contact lenses. Since U r listening, can U also take care of those lied? Zappp #
  • I can't figure out something. In Prophet Daniel, Michael was mentioned. Is this the same archangel Michael? History pls, Father/Brothers? #
  • is twisting her tongue really hard with '…..great distress unparalleled since nations first..' after so many r, the l can go straight. #
  • If you constantly seem to encounter diff people, maybe, the problem lies in you and not the rest of the world leh? Buy a mirror lah! #
  • Girls, you gotta watch The Ugly Truth, if you havent. Oh make that the Gold DVD n not the purple one 😉 #
  • RT @fantasie62: @5xmom If younger man 20s/30s give fllirty looks? Flattered or spill that hot cuppa on his ripening bamboo shoot? (LOL) #

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