Where are the raw, real, genuine blogs?

Many years ago, when we first started blogging, our blog posts are about our daily lives. We post about things that happen around us, people we encounter and thoughts in our mind.

Then, more and more people started to get on the blogging bandwagon and somehow, certain genre surfaced. Food blogs, politic blogs, mommy blogs and etc. Bloggers get more and more cautious after getting bitten far too many times. We can no longer express our real thoughts and opinions because somehow what we say will get on someone’s nerves.

Today, many of us have to write within a certain parameter. The invisible glass ceiling and glass wall. Whether I like it or not, I have to delete many drafts I wrote because what I said will probably entertain a group and yet, caused unnecessary anguish to another. That is not fun but sometimes, it is a chore to have people biting on your tail. Those pesky little cretins that won’t go away.

If I am going to write the real, raw and truthful posts, it will be something like this.

Here I am sitting in McDonald’s Green Lane because I am too lazy to drive home. I am picking my son in an hour’s time and we will be heading to KDU to have lunch. Yesterday morning, I ate a RM9 plate of char koay teow with Billy and today, I am buying him lunch.
(so my blog readers will be wondering who is this person whom I had breakfast and today lunch, gives them a sense of curiousity)

Right now, I am under the speakers and McD played such loud music, it makes me deaf. But I have earplugs so I can listen to my own music instead. When you plug in the noise cancellation earplugs, you are totally cut off from the real world. This way, my mind works better. Just like blogging, if I cut myself off from the real world, I could actually write better posts. But I am conditioned to remember who I am and what the public expected of me. It is such a pain, you know? It kills the blogger in me.
(so my blog readers will nod in agreement and maybe hit the comment button and say yayayaya)

A while ago, I was doing something (which I cannot reveal) and it puts a silly grin on my face. For example, if you are watching a funny clip on Youtube public, you will be laughing alone and that looks silly. So, I was trying not to grin and put on my obnoxious look in McD. But that failed. Looking at Ronald McDonald’s puts a smile on my face.
(so my blog readers will also grin at the thought of Ronald)

That’s why my obnoxiousness was robbed off me because someone else is such a pain in the arse and yet, so wicked about it. It is not easy to remain obnoxious just for the sake of it. I think that’s why my blog too has lost some of its bubbles. Maybe I should take off the Obnoxious title bestowed upon me and change to ‘The really nice, sweet, gentle, caring, loving, endearing, patient 5xmom’.
(so my blog readers will go noooooooo, don’t ever stop being obnoxious, then, their curiosity is piqued. Who is 5xmom referring to?)

Then again,who gives a shit to blog like this huh? Everyone who reads blog want to connect to a part of themselves that they dare not show. They want the wicked and evil little guilt trip, at the blogger’s expenses. For example, when I dissed the in-laws, many will cheer because they would want to do that too but they dare not.

So yeah, many good bloggers and good blogs have phased out because we have grown up.

9 thoughts on “Where are the raw, real, genuine blogs?

  1. i’ve noticed now, blogger don’t write like they used to anymore. i guess for the fear of being judge if they wrote something people don’t like reading. i’ve always thought that blog is a personal space to express ones thought, but not anymore. now, blogs are becoming an advertisement medium. it’s so hard to find blogs with those oldschool “style” again.

  2. ur writing style need to change I think.. so much Chinese slang (although I’m Chinese) then ‘blur’ me a lots ~ Some phrase is very funny but there are also making me mad because can’t understand..

  3. As Joebangla of joebangla.blogspot.com says “I promise to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help me Blog”

    I ran vanilla posts for almost forever over concerns that CL mentioned. I decided to swear off such posts. So help me…

  4. Itu la pasal…when I started I was only exposed to moms’ blogs, so I pun terikut write about mothering. Then only I realised people blog about everything under the sun…then I thought I wanted to write about other stuffs, but takut pulak…I also have no idea how I manage to stick to write all that goody-goody stuffs hehe!

  5. I used to have a public blog and loved to write whatever I wanted to. However, I had some crazy stalkers who would read what I wrote and then, put it out of context and used it against me in real life. I came across your blog and actually read it on a regular basis because you keep it real. Please don’t ever conform or shut down!

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