Twitter Updates for 2009-11-12

  • Am I seeing a PR4/10 here? #
  • This sexual harrassment biz is getting to be a pain in the arse. Wait lemme blog about it. Or maybe I shud teach a course on how to nip it. #
  • The Herald cannot even print? Seriously….I thot Hamik Kaynui is bad enuff, now Kerismudin lagi paranoid. Nvm, online #
  • After more than a week, now my eyes need to adjust back to monovision. Yay! No more spectables! No misty glasses. But. Eyeshadow, mascara! #
  • "Lilian,it's a universal rule. If u plug in one end, u must see the other end is plugged in too, k You need electricity to charge yr phone. #
  • Aku kempunan sambal belacan & tomyam lagi. Nak lagi… #
  • Ok, its confirmed. Even the rain hates me bcos it rained every where but my house. Tweets r coming in tt they enjoy the rain but I get none #
  • My laptop keyboard has gone wonky. Too lazy to get up to see who buzz me on MSN my Mac. So, buzz again, pls. #
  • Stupid weather, want to rain, rain lah. So hot and humid. #

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