Twitter Updates for 2009-11-13

  • Does the Home Minister thinks we Catholics are illiterate morons who can't comprehend a simple letter? Doh…. #
  • The perfect husband. Thanks to Pokku for the laughs. #
  • 35-23 = 12 yrs older gf n he cudn't let go of her? Wow..what's her secret? I wanna learn! #
  • Hmmm…Folks from The Star..How come all the bits of juicy news u all picked from the tabloids get 'most viewed' leh? Time to change? #
  • Zaid said this " Pakatan's larger-than-life leader Anwar Ibrahim would have to 'sacrifice'. " So what say you? #
  • is watching The Proposal. Some knn Telekom man came to repair the phone line, only to tell hubby go buy a new wire and DIY. Woke me fm nap! #

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