Twitter Updates for 2009-11-15

  • Got appointment at 3 pm to do some communist-related thingie interview. BIG HINT – am waiting for another one. BIG BIG HINT. Hehehehe #
  • discovered that she has 4 akan-datang pimples. KNN, I am the aunt of the bride lah, why you pimples baru grow. I past puberty already! #
  • has just booked hotel n fireflyz n wl try to survive KL with 2 monkeys. After HK and Genoa, KL sap sap sui lah….. #
  • Tell me, mommies – You think I can survive KL with 2 monkeys for 3 days, alone? Faster tell, I book hotel n air asia now. #
  • Between a guy who plays Mafia Wars n a guy who plays Farmville (no other choices ok?), which do you think makes better boyfriend/husband? #
  • Took a nap n dreamt of T, Mohan & Vel. WTH, it is T. Mohan's birthday n I am there to excluuuuusively intw him. Now I am afraid of sleep. #
  • Entah kenapa hari ini choir practice buat saya emo betul. Betapa susah kita orang berlatih, for glory of God, all sweaty n no ventilation. #
  • RT @scheekeong: @5xmom nanti ada pi SABM kat HuYewSeah? Jumpa kat sana, jangan lupa "greet" (tarak, gua manyak sienz) #

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