San fu lor

So, another weekend is over. We are getting closer to Christmas.

This week, from Monday to Wednesday, my kid’s kiasu kindie is going to keep him in school for full day because they want to torture teach the little children their skit. It looks like the concert is a big thing and they will get the kids to perform well.

So, I am soooo secretly, cunningly, privately, damn evil-ly happy that this will give me a chance to have the whole day all to myself. All three days of it. I have never been given this breathing space except for the one week I spent in Malaysiakini since he was born. Even that, Malaysiakini was slave-driving us from 10am – 8pm intensive course so I have no time to even breath.

Imagine…..six years of absolute parenting. I tell you, most women will go crazy already. Thank my imaginary blonde hair, blue eyes friend, Jesus Christ for keeping me so steady. Talking about imaginary friend, this morning, I was in church. And some thoughts occurred to me.

We Christians refer to God as our Father. We refer to Jesus Christ as our Brother. But I cannot connect to both father and brother because they are not persons whom I would rely on. One is dead, two are too much older than me so there is this generation gap.

That’s why I always refer to Jesus as my imaginary friend. And God is just God. Big, big God. So, don’t take offence if I keep talking about my imaginary friend, ok?

So, my niece is getting married this coming weekend. And I decided to do something bold, daring, never try before. I decided to stay back in KL with my two younger boys. It is the school holidays. Looking at my hubby’s schedule, I doubt we can go anywhere. Meanwhile, my two older boys have SPM and college exams. So, what better way than to book ourselves a hotel in Midvalley, go shopping, Petrosains, Aquaria, movies, bowling and etc with just two of them?

I have just bought the tickets from Fireflyz and booked the hotel (refuse to tell where, sked kena bomb LOL). Costs me RM700+. Before I press the confirm button, I warned my two boys. “If one of you create too much trouble, I will drop you at Ah Koo (my brother) place and two of us will continue to enjoy.” So, they promise to behave.

Well….I had traveled around Italy with only my two boys. I had also moved around in HK with a baby in trolley and four boys. So, what’s KL with a 6 years old who is sooo angelic and a 13 years old who can help me lugged the bags? Sap sap sui. When I am an expert in this, I will probably bring the boys on backpacking mission around the world. Booyeah! 5xmom can!

Oh ya, my problem now is how to spend these three days making myself happy. No kids, happy happy happy!

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  1. RO – Lunch time only already misssssss soooooo muchhhhh liao. Sigh…So to overcome the miss miss feelings, I am taking the older boy to go shopping!

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