Twitter Updates for 2009-11-16

  • I uploaded a YouTube video — gg #
  • LOL,was telling some1. KL got rapists, true. KL rapists r not blind. True. She potential victim. UNTRUE! kakakaka (Lilian, u r so evil) #
  • is wondering where she is going to stir shits tomorrow bcos she has a whole day to herself. Any CJ videos you want to see? I go cari cerita #
  • is going to stop being lazy n make one nice nice CJ video about nothing in particular but something worthwhile nonetheless. #
  • I am shy to say that I have never been to Pavillion. So suakoo, right? Cos I can't afford the stuffs sold there. @freelunch2020 #
  • RT @freelunch2020:@5xmom: Really? last I went, Berjaya was sleazy as in lingeries and red lanterns type wor.(isn't it? still? #
  • Do you think I can upload a 300MB mp4 file to my server and get someone to download it from their side? #
  • is not working. where else can i download youtube video ah? lazy to google, faster tell on Twitter/FB #
  • Expect Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan, the bridge tragedy kids, the 5 indians to come alive and die again n again in Siputeh. Sad, aint it? #
  • Eh,Twitter founder applauds Najib but hor, other leaders were really on Twitter as in typing errors n all leh #
  • Under Pak Lah, wear batik cos D.S. Endon. Under the new one, wear botox, no tax – BOTAX BOTOX! #
  • Mission : Shopping. Target : White shirt for #3, pants too. Time allowed : 2 hours. #
  • I want to die already. My housekeeper mistook Clorox for Soflan n a whole batch of clothes/jeans colour run. Kill me, please. #

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