Twitter Updates for 2009-11-17

  • is going to catch monkeys, do CJ and now working hard to research background info of issue. And the best info usually comes fm the 'haters' #
  • Die! Must charge battery, empty SD card, pack for CJ tomorrow, one at 9, one at 1. 1pm looking for padding shots nia. Easy peasy #
  • Public announcement – All you SPM-ers, go check yr pens, pencils, IC, ruler, calculators all ready. Uniforms, chicken essence, vodka..oops, #
  • This is a public announcement – Home broadband died n my sons r foaming n twitching on the floor cos they use cable, I use wi-fi (pinjam) #
  • EC so episern wannn…if that is PR, I think they wl set the new buy-erection date immdtly Dis 1 appeal for UMNO worr #
  • FB is scary. Cos this guy is linked to that guy n that guy is linked to the other guy. Wonder if anyone bitched abt 5xmom when they meet? #
  • I bought My Sister's Keeper, Salman Rusdie Midnight Children and Marshmallow for Breakfast. 2nd book at 50% discount, cheap mah #
  • Just bought three books, bcos I help my hubby saves on income tax mahhhhh. Who cares if I ever finish reading them. #
  • Why can't PKR just sack Badrul? Are ADuns allow to disappear w/o 'reporting for work'? Huh? What kind of system is this? Set some law lah #
  • Now is time to watch some movie n take a nap. #
  • The in-season colour is purple and I think it is so sickening that all stores hv clothes in purple. Purple is for Barney n my priests nia. #
  • I am sooooo sleepyyyyy and I get to nap but you don't cos u need to work n I dun. Say you jeles pls. #

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