Lemme put a short short video about nothing. I went to KDU to be interviewed by a group of mass comm students who are doing radio broadcasting some weeks back. I asked my little boy to play around with my video camera. This is shots taken in the recording room.

My #2 son is sitting for his SPM today. While most moms are probably getting very nervous, preparing chicken soup for their children and such, I think I will leave my son to do what he likes. I have faith in my kids. That could be seen as being too easy on them. A lot of parents like to bring up the subject on what their children should go into. Law, accounts, doctors and such.

When I tell them, I don’t know worrr….They will quickly lecturer me, “No, our children are still young, they don’t know what is good for them. We parents have to help them choose. Take engineering or accountancy is good.” Oh well, I let them bla all they want. I do not agree. I think my sons know what they want and what they are good at.

#1 son went into professional chef. #2 is interested too because he has very sensitive tastebuds and insisted he will make a good mixologist or anything that needs to taste (alcohol) LOL. His English is good and I suggested to him to take up mass comm. I am lucky I was asked by Sue to go to KDU to be interviewed (guinea pig like that lah). I found out that the job prospect for mass comm is very wide. They are trained is so many areas which I think is a lot of fun.

So, what will be the next step after SPM? It is up to #2 son. If he wants to be a chef too, then, I can start dreaming to sit and never ever have to cook again and taste cocktails every day. If he wants to study mass comm, also can. I surrender to Jesus, He will be the guide.

May the Lord bless all the youths who are sitting for their SPM, STPM and college exams. Give them wisdom. Amen