Twitter Updates for 2009-11-19

  • Wokay, folks…I am off to bed and then to KL. But then, I am connected 24/7 thru my phone. So don't miss me, ok? 😛 #
  • Really, LGE shud deal with some of his over-defensive ppl. Before the rakyat can finish their sentence, these ppl oredi wanna defend. #
  • cranks up Elements with huge MOD files, photoshop, picasa, tweetdeck, Nokia PC suite, Word..n then bitched that her PC is slow… #
  • is trying to get Fring to work on the N97.Managed to log in to MSN but dunno why Fring died after that. waiting 2load #
  • RT @nocturnale: Looking at Najib smug face and thinking v are still surfing at an ice-age internet speed of 1mbps just gets to your nerves. #
  • I have heard/seen Lim Kit Siang verbalised the word 'disgrace' where he rolled his tongue and made a claw-like gesture.Tt best described MCA #
  • Oh did I mention that my marriage vow doesn't include washing clothes, ironing and taking out the garbage? #
  • My washing machine died. And I don't know what to do with my half-washed clothes… #
  • So, what say you Education Minister? Shall we maintain PPSMI? #
  • So…I hv both DVD & book for My Sister's Keeper. Which should I do first? Read or watch? Watch easy nia worrr. How? #
  • St. Ignatius mornign mass on Sunday what time please???? Anyone? #
  • If I stay at MV, n going to Catholic church on Sunday morning by taxi, to & fro, which church is easier to get a return taxi to MV? SFX or ? #

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