I will do a quickie cos I cannot go to sleep as my video is being uploaded.

Wednesday – A lot of controversies are popping up in my little island. Being the inquisitive CJ who often ventures into the cyberworld, I read and hear more shits than others.

Last week, CM was away in overseas. This week, the press are hounding him for answers to many things. I failed to get anything on Monday and Tuesday. But today, I was told that there is going to be a press conference at Botanical Gardens.

I went there with some questions. And the dear CM, as always, make sure that this CJ gets her answers. Probably, he knows my words are lethal so better please me before I start ranting.

I am very lucky. He is very nice to me, the newbie, noobie, green horn citizen journalist. My questions are not easy questions because I usually dare to broach a subject because I know CM won’t scold me. Hehehehe, sometimes, it is how you present your questions.

He went down to the hawker centre and dealt with the complaints. I notice something. People are very confident with the CM. They got grouses, they just whack. No such thing as ‘you are the CM, we must hormat’. They give him valid complaints. He listened patiently. He got his men to deal with it. The people though are very disappointed with the huge drop in their business, tolerates the CM. Finally, they apologised if they have been harsh. CM told them, No problem…got any problems, contact them.

I don’t know lah. Maybe I am biased but where else can you find the leader of the state to follow you around to listen to all your complaints?

I am glad that the iconic Lim Guan Eng, the peoples’ people is still there. For a while, I thought he has been sucked into officialdom whereby he became the monotonous, robotic and cold leader like those we are so familiar with. Nope, catman or not, Kapitan Lim or not, whatever names people call him, he still has his Lim Guan Eng personality in him. The kind which I used to admire. Glad he didn’t lose it. And hope he remembers to stay that way.

Ok, one of my videos is uploaded. Good night everybody (if you can call 3 am good night)