Twitter Updates for 2009-11-24

  • is going to look for Moses Chan and indulge in him today. Beyond the realm of conscience…. #
  • 25th Nov – Morning go Penang Port to cover CM's PC. Afternoon – Spend my husband money for 21 yrs of service to him LOL. #
  • People, today 25th November is the day I said "Yes, I do." Twenty one long years….Hmm..big deal, eh? Almost half my life, you know? #
  • Still amazed tt her stolen laptop returned the next morning. For God so loves 5xmom, He gaveth her back her tool for CJ-ing. Love ya, God! #
  • I have a 1,001 things to do.Serious work, church stuffs, family things, CJ, photos & videos to download, housework etc but I wl sleep first #
  • Mosquitoes, please stop biting me. I get scars easily when I scratched too hard. Please go find other people's blood. They are less evil. #
  • Nyamuk di rumah sedang membaham saya bagai BN membaham rakyat Malaysia. Lima hari tadak rumah, nyamuk sangat lapar. #

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