Twitter Updates for 2009-11-25

  • Stressnyerrr…dah pukul 1:30 pagi, masih tak habis kerja lagi. 2 proposals dah tembak, kena advertorial pulak ni. Tapi, syukurlah…hehe #
  • Lim Guan Eng explained about the conversion of leasehold to freehold land. #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — PHH-land.mp4 #
  • Die! I didn't read the news abt some ADun wanting to leave DAP, I buta-buta go email to ask him something. Dunno he thinks I perli or wat #
  • How do I even attempt to convince ppl when I myself cannot be convinced lah? Must learn fm snake oil peddlers. Go Lorong Kulit tuition. #
  • Deiiii…The Star, stop all your 'What Indian women in India prefer lah'. We Malaysians women are Chinese, Malay, Indian dan lain-lain lah! #
  • RT @carribeanking7: @5xmom If LGE can part the sea like Moses no need 2nd Penang bridge, he is only human….lol #
  • LOL, I want this Moses Chan, not the Bible Moses. #
  • Oh God…how many videographers out there are also the video editor? I captured the video n now have to watch re-runs. I wan Moses not LGE #
  • is going to sit down for the next 2 hrs listening to LGE over and over again on the freehold-leasehold land issue. Gee, I hate PCs. #

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