Catching my breath

Phew…I went to KL last Friday. And I realised it is Thursday already. Almost a week gone and I wonder what I had done in the past week?

Right now, I have to rush two proposals out. Then, there is an advertorial waiting to be submitted by today. On top of that, there are a few good videos which I wanted to edit badly but I have no time to concentrate for long.


The most amazing thing happened last week. Well, of course my niece’s wedding was amazing but something else was.

You see, during our dinner at the lovely KL Tower, the hotel phoned my hubby. They said our next room guest told the reception that our door was ajar. The door doesn’t automatically shut properly and my two older sons didn’t note that and they probably left the room opened.


I left my laptop, video camera, my #3 son Nokia phone and my #2 son Fuji Finepix camera in there. We stayed at the uppermost floor, so we thought, never mind lah, since it is like more exclusive floors, sure no weird people around, rite?

So, at KL Tower, we didn’t think much about these things because the reception told my hubby that the room seems untouched. Therefore, we continued having a good time. But when I got back, my laptop and my son’s phone were missing. The two cameras were still there.

Funnily enough, I wasn’t much disturbed by it. It is gone. What can I do? Jump? Scream? Die? It is quite new and the thing costs at least RM3K. Hubby went to make a report with the hotel security. They were supposed to make a police report and we were asked to make the report the next morning as it was already midnight.

So, being the good Christian, I prayed. I prayed that whoever took it, will not abuse what they find inside. Losing my laptop is bad enough, please don’t hack my accounts. I couldn’t log in some of the sites using my N97. I just can’t find the change password link. I have a lot of money in my Paypal, at least RM4K. I have my gmail which can potentially leads to other things.


None of my nephews and nieces or sons are with a PC. We were all down in KL. I have two reliable guys. One is my webhost whom I entrusted my Paypal with (since I used to withdraw money through him) and my blogs. And the other is someone I must trust my gmail with.

So, yeah, I am thankful I have people like that. Anyway, I have no secrets hidden anywhere. No funny videos or secret documents that I must hide.

And guess what? The next morning, we got a call and the hotel told us the person whom they believed took my laptop has returned it! The hotel has CCTVs and our room was nicely located with two CCTVs pointing in different directions.

Hubby and the two older kids were about to go home to Penang. I wouldn’t be able to manage going to the police station in KL (god knows where) to make a report about the theft. What with 2 young kids and no transport. I decided to take a page out of the Les Misérables and didn’t pursue the matter with the hotel. I just take my laptop back and feel thankful. Hopefully the guy who took it repented and know how stupid he was to steal laptop under CCTV surveillance. We suspect it is the hotel’s maintenance staffs because they came to repair the door when we were not around. (no I am not telling you which hotel because I am happy to get my things back)


After hubby returned home, my two younger boys had me twisted around their little fingers. They had a great time at Toys R Us, bowling, KLCC Aquaria and MPH bookstore. My youngest also enjoyed the flight home because Fireflyz gave him free muffin and orange juice. It doesn’t take much to please a kid, you know?

And of course, the trip was less hassle free because some kind samaritan offered to ferry us to the Subang airport. Thank you, too. Plus the dim sum breakfast, tai lok meen and Burger King.

Oh ya, the tai-kham poh or sng khek mm whom my niece’s MIL hired told me I have ‘nai nai yong’ or mother-in-law’s face. Die lor, the more I see the photos, the more I wonder why I look soooo different from my two older sisters geh? Their noses are so sharp, they have sharper features than me, they are darker (at least I can count this as one up as I am much more fairer) but they are shorter than me. Yay! Two wins!

My sons after looking at the hengdais kena tortured by the cheemuis told me they are going to be priests (who cannot marry). My second brother pulak told his wife, “If it is my wedding, I will return home (without the bride), what for marry.” LOL

6 thoughts on “Catching my breath

  1. Ms Lillian, the boys look too handsome to become priests ;-))

    Gosh, losing the laptop n getting it back all overnight! u r so blessed!

  2. hey… lucky you! that sort of wake me up a little. time to back up and delete top secret files. 😉

    i can imagine the agony of losing a laptop. You are right. It is not so much of the lappie but the data inside… sigh…

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