Twitter Updates for 2009-11-26

  • I uploaded a YouTube video — yam seng #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — kids kindie #
  • It is funny why Muslims and Christians sometimes hv so much animosities. Didn't we all believe in Abraham (or Ibrahim) offering his own son? #
  • Seriously, if we Chinese believe those shits fm HKTVB abt the kings n concubines, men are sex machine n women swines producing male piglets #
  • Sei lor, no English or BM subtitles geh. I must listen real hard to the Canto but at the end of it, I sure terror speaking Cantonese. #
  • Beyond the realm of conscience good ah? I hv 5×4 series, woohoo! Marathon Moses Chan tonight. #
  • Yay tomolo horriday, hope I remain sick so can force my loukong to fook-si me. "Dear, back massage, dear, white porridge, dear, warm water" #
  • Took two panadols and a long nap and I think some bugs have made a home in me. 🙁 Scratchy throat, headache, fatigue..I want my mommy! #

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