My niece wedding video

I had a nice time editing this video. And I hope all of you enjoyed these short clips I took with my Canon FS100 video camera. The faithful camera that has taken me from filming the Prime Minister to the Chief Minister to the beggars on the street and my beloved family members.

Even without a tripod (as I wasn’t planning on filming), the video is rather good, not too shaky. I love the part where my second sister and bro-in-law put on the veil for my niece. Awwww….it is a very touching moment because it is like the final touch before they gave away their daughter.

I told my friend that lucky I don’t have daughter or else I sure mm seh tark (cannot afford to part) to ‘kah lui’ (marry off the daughter). I still remembered the time when my second brother got married. My mom cried along with my bro’s mom-in-law. I was like 21 or 22 yrs old and found her sooooo silly. Son married also can cry one geh? Chiiiisin! And the funniest part is my sister-in-law got married but continue living with her mother as my brother worked in PJ then. So, why lah her mother cried also?

Now that I am older, I think I know the feelings. It is like a final recap that we as parents have done our utmost and the children are on their own now. I don’t know if I am going to cry until sob-sob when my sons marry. I guess the only reason would be my pocket sakit if they spent too much of my money on their wedding. LOL.

So, enjoy this video. It wasn’t hard editing because when I was filming, I already know which part I want in my video. It was just chop chop, joint joint, find one music from my music library, kautim sai.