Twitter Updates for 2009-11-29

  • Damn, I still hate my voice. Please tell me you don't LOL. #
  • When I was a young mom to a young baby, I cursed I dun get any sleep. Now I old mom to old kid, I dunwan to sleep when I can. Go figure. #
  • Help! I am turning into a silai who watches HKTVB all day n nite.At least I can FB, Twitter, blog, read news, write paid post simultaneously #
  • I wonder if my eyes can take another 5 episodes of Beyond? LOL, I no nid to wake up tomorrow (today, wateva). #
  • This Beyond the Realm of Conscience is sucking all my time. BTW am not going to the Dewan tomorrow, faisi wear lounge suit for a 5 min video #
  • WOI! Your maxis line sucks lah. One SMS comes in 3 times already. Oredi told u Hatyai whole city got wifi, not like Penang CAT #
  • Why I am still LGE #1 fansee "Lim Guan Eng, who was invited to open the convention, however decided to avoid the banner as he stepped in." #
  • Can someone send me to BTN please? I wanna go! I wanna go! LOL #
  • Showed Mkini video of last nite gala dinner to my lil boy n I emo blackmail him back, "See? Mummy didn't go here bcos of your concert." #
  • CJ Lilian doesn’t like politicians. Only nice guys who are politicians. Not politicians who pretend to be nice guys. #
  • LOL My 6 yrs old told me, "I'm (emotional) blackmailing you, nice lor." Evil kid. He wl say, If u dun do this, means u dun love me. #

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