Twitter Updates for 2009-11-30

  • Hari ini kita berkicau dalam BM. Hari pertama bulan terakhir tahun 2009. #
  • How unfair. We females must wear long sleeve blouse & slack to masuk Dewan grounds. But how to run in the hot sun outside dewan likedat? #
  • When people head protests, their aim is to get arrested. When police come, police wl try to provoke one. Then, chaos n I wl hv great videos #
  • Ask your yeemah, kucheh, yee chiong, ku chiong, cousin, grandmader, grandfather, sugar daddy, toyboy, gf, bf to add me #
  • I need 8 more friends on my FB account to make 1K. Hey people, add me! Add me now! #
  • I shall now go where normal people goes. Shopping mall! #
  • I tok too much today but that's only bcos people are being stupid nia. #
  • To those who questioned why police didn't take action, I think they shud think twice n guess who will get the brunt? Think before asking. #
  • It was KBP villager who burned LGE's poster n I feel their anger is justified. So, no big deal, rite? #
  • Dengaq UMNO dok demo sokong ISA kat Dewan. Siapa nak cover? Aku malas lah, tonton HK TVB kat rumah lagi shiok. #
  • All these trying to decipher Beyond The Realm of Conscience without Eng subtitles n my half-tank Cantonese is driving me crazy. #

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