CJ Lilian on the move again

My blog posts have slowed down somehow because I am caught up with video filming which usually means more hours doing video editing.

Yesterday, I missed UMNO’s burn baby burn action. Actually it is a good thing because I got too lazy to attend the Dewan sitting and decided to stay home and watch Beyond The Realm of Conscience.

You see, if I go to the Dewan for video filming, I have to wear lounge suit. That means I have to put on make-up or I will look like those Chinese funeral underground band where they put a bunch of old lan-chia pek in coats to carry those paper houses and etc. Kakakaka…

Then, if I wear lounge suit, I must wear high heels. So, can you imagine this samseng CJ Chan Lilian in her heels, slacks, jackets, make-up and got herself in the midst of burning LGE poster scenes. Wow, I cannot imagine what would happened to me because I would be running up and down the road to catch the action, squat down to film the burning flame and then, confront the people to interview them.

And knowing how direct my questions are, sure kena whacked again, if not physically, sure kena verbally. Many of the Barisan folks think I am LGE’s spy. Some think I am DAP spy. So, lucky I didn’t go yesterday.

But this morning, I attended because YB Sim who is my ADun from Pantai Jerjak alerted on Facebook that PKR Youth is going to hold a gathering. So, I thought, aha, mesti jadi another demo. Must go support my Adun.

When I got there at the Dewan, I saw a group of women sitting along the perimeter of the Dewan. I went, “Eh, tak kan PKR Youth employs a bunch of mak ciks to protest kut? Ni tak kena ni…”

I crossed the road. I asked one of them, “Ni dari mana ni?” Gee, I love protests! I got nice story to cover. And the whole group of mak ciks (shy lah, I tend to call people kak, not realising that I am much older than most of them) stood up, and quite shyly held their respective placards. I was the lone camera person there and for a newbie like me, I feel shy as well.

You know lah, people hopeful for some coverage and I am a nobody. Not TV3, not RTM, not even Astro. But I filmed them nevertheless because when you are a woman, you can feel for another woman. You can see the desperation in their eyes, the unsureness of what they should do next and how uncomfortable they are in that situation.

What transpired next are recorded on my video. You all know how much I respect and adore CM Lim Guan Eng. It is not easy to show this video but I am going to do it anyway. I told off CM’s staff that he was rude. I am utterly disappointed that he asked the police to ask the women to bersurai (disperse). To me, if you are working for the CM, you have to display the same humble, magnanimous, graceful and tolerant character of CM.

The reason why I am a citizen journalist is because I feel I can give the people a voice. I can feel and understand their plights. Yet, these government officers and their so-called slogan of ‘people-centric and serving the rakyats’ usually missed the small people. They can get so engrossed in their Kerajaan Pusat vs Kerajaan Negeri and their hatred for Barisan Nasional to notice that all these women want is some form of assurance that they are not forgotten and help from the State Government is coming.

I am going to Butterworth this morning (Wednesday). I will probably get totally lost in that traffic and roads but never mind, if God wills it, I will find it. It is to a poor Indian village. I am going to dig in and find out why I heard the State Government is not rendering help to them fast enough.

And remember, my camera never lies. What you see is what is happening.

3 thoughts on “CJ Lilian on the move again

  1. Lilian, i applaud your effort on editing the video. You have done a great job as a CJ. Hopefully the bureaucrats will be more concern about the minority helpless group of people in the society and most importantly they should stand in their shoes and consider about their situation.

  2. Danielle – Well, hopefully the message reaches the people who are in power. It is sickening rite? If I am one of those women, I would feel very disillusioned. After travelling so far, being treated by a gov. officer in that manner. And though the police was tolerant and nice, the gov. officer asked the police to ask them to disperse. Come on, this is the same person who said police not fair and here he is, working along with the police. Sickening to the core.

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