Twitter Updates for 2009-12-02

  • kenot continue the video I was editing last nite cos I lost emo mood again. Bleh of video editing is u nid to complete n not pause midway. #
  • must change ringtone cos when it goes 'I want to make love right nah nah nah', pick up fon *old uncle says harlow Mizz LeeLean ah?" Ewsss #
  • Today one learned guy told me, Mat Top the terrorist received heroic welcome in his kampung, Chin Peng tak boleh balik kampung sembah bapa. #
  • is squeezing her emo juice to make emo video to squeeze people's emo. Now, how do I get into emo mode I forget liao. #
  • Makkal Satay sudah gulung tikar kah? #
  • I told you my Adun rocks, rite? (Syabas @simtzetzin! We need more politicians like you) #
  • #1 son made most awesomest char siew pau. Love the skin. We do not hv enuff charsiew,so we used canned stewed pork n it is worth dying for. #
  • Our Penang island doesn't revolve around the 15 Indians, you know? #
  • Orang Prai, pagi ni I kena kompaun sebab saya tak guna koupon parking. Mana orang Pulau tau kena koupon. Sini ada parking boy. Berape? #
  • 2 of my videos on now. and Met MTUC folks this morn n learn more stuffs. Nice…. #
  • To the zoo I goo…kekekeke #
  • Assemblyman like YB Phee gives me faith that there is still good guy. Going to DUN now with a nun to see accomodating YB. #
  • You preached 'atone and repent' to me many times. But can you atone for Rayer & DSAI 'deeds' n repent on their behalf for the old man? #
  • Moral of story : If yr hse going to burn down or yr kids going to die tragically, do it just before election. Otherwise, no one cares #

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