Must do today

1) Complete the Excel worksheet and pass to next person to do roster.

2) Complete the video on the Indian family and maybe make on solely about poor Indian village.

3) Complete video on Botanical Gardens and LGE turun padang and one of his Exco kena embarrassed by fruit seller. (though I will be nice and spare the red faced moment)

4) Watch Moses Chan on Beyond the Realm of Conscience. Moses misses me liao, 2 days already no time to continue Episode 22. Series already complete and I am still struggling midway. I think it is not healthy to watch Moses dealing with three wives. Wrong, very wrong. I think all Chinese men would practise polygamy if given a chance, lucky our religion and law do not permit them.

5) Take my kids for some sun. Maybe I can drag the two young ones to Butterfly Farm. I only want to take photos nia.

6) Read Marshmallows for Breakfast.

So, I will leave you guys to play with yourself. I no time to blog.

One thought on “Must do today

  1. About 4 weeks ago while having lunch at PWTC, I whispered to my female colleagues “hey, don’t look now but there is a sex maniac on the table behind you”. They all laughed when they turned around & eyed this guy. Guess who ?(hint – not Moses Chan; guy got a really thick, thick skin).

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