Twitter Updates for 2009-12-03

  • Bribery is bribery lah stupid. What he is honest he comes clean with his bribery. Our Msians hor, they r blind or wut? #
  • how nice if I hv a machine where I can put several persons inside, then, extract their good points n make a new person just for me. Hehehe #
  • is catching up on replying email. My bad habit is reading mails on my mobile but too diff to type reply there. So, I stopped replying! Bad #
  • is checking how much she completed her to-do list for today. Only done 1 & 2 nia. But did take kids to makan n Gurney #
  • "Mana (The) Sun? Itu paper pembohong besaq. Ambik paper calit taik pun lagi baik." Arse-har #
  • Datuk Azhar showing his butt to YB Sim again Video on Youtube #
  • DUN PP video kat sini Arse-har (credit to Clifford) pungkok in video dd 2/12/09 sessi 2, (time: 1:11-1:13) #
  • Blardy hell, I updated to latest Handbrake n it gives Windows error msgs. And I dun hv the previous version 0.9.3 in my PC. #
  • BN Datuk Azahar tunjuk pungkok kat YB Sim dan juga nak klentong Speaker. Ada video, mana mau lari? #
  • I tried incorporating moving train, burnt hses, cute lil Indian girls, poor Indian family, Hindraf, MIC & Prof. Rama into one video. Kekeke #
  • Reply ASAP. What does Indian girl calls father? Appa? Right? Quick reply lol I need to use the correct term. #

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