The day I kena kompaun by MPSP and burnt a pot of red beans

I only achieved two things from the five things I set down to do. I managed to email the Excel spreadsheet to Pedro. It was so torturing to use Excel because I am not familiar with those columns and formula. Anyway, I am glad I got one thing off my shoulder because I won’t be doing the duty roster for lectors from January 2010 onwards. Phew…No more kena leter for putting people in the wrong slot kekeke.

(penang bridge, random shots)

I have done the video of the Indian family I visited yesterday. It is not easy either because I need to find the emo mode to stir up enough emo mood to make people sit up and watch and listen. Then, I hope people finds compassion to do something for them. And even better, I hope it gets the three political parties to pit against each other (for the benefit of the recipients) to show their servitude.

Anyway, I wonder what I had done the whole of today? Except I spent 5 pm to 9 pm with the kids going out for bak kut teh and then, Gurney Plaza to buy some boxers and books. Hmm…I must get out there and get into doing things more often.

(the burnt house)

Like yesterday? I drove to Taman Inderawasih and shy to say it is like my fifth time of crossing Penang Bridge on a car! Can you believe that? Me driving the tiny Viva and going at 60 km/hour. Kena bullied like hell lah. Anyway, I dare not drive too fast cos I sked my car flies away.

It was a good feeling, first time notice the bridge has three lanes. Phweet! How come I don’t notice before one? It was around 9 am plus and there were few cars on the bridge. So, what does the blogger in me do? I drove in the centre lane, take pictures. Move to the left lane, take pictures. Kekekeke. Of course, don’t follow me. My camera is really easy to handle nia. I can hold the steering and camera in one hand one. I multi-tasking 5xmom, more hands than Kuan Yin type.

(the train track for Malayan Sugar Manufacturing Prai Sugar)
So, I got to Prai and this suakoo didn’t know they use coupons in Prai. KNN, I kena kompoun for drinking Cham C. (teh + kopi) The coffee was free, only RM2.10 nia, paid by some people I do not know. But the kompoun? My loukong black face liao. *sad*

Then, after I finished the filming in Prai, I got home. But not before I got lost in the kampung. I was like the most terrible person on earth. Some doctor showed me the houses that got burnt down and a TNB pole that needs attention. He left for his work. I told him I can manage. But I couldn’t find the two spots later on. Kekekeke, so I walked 3 times around the kampung. One Indian girl took me to the burnt houses but no one knows which pole I was talking about.


Later in the afternoon, I managed to get an appointment with some assemblyman for a nun. She is a nun. (geddit?) So, I offered to drive her to the Dewan Undangan. I went zoom out of the house. And totally forgot I got a pot of red beans cooking. When I remembered, I sms my #1 son and he told me my red beans have turned into coffee beans.

I need adventures like these. Getting lost in a kampung, driving on the bridge. Wuah, I feel so ‘grown up’ paying RM7 for the bridge toll. Or driving a nun (which btw, I am terribly afraid of them since they are so holy and I am not) to the state assembly building filled with policemen and reporters. I don’t mind the coffee beans and the compound at all.

Maybe it is time I become a nun or something? I will take the something, please.

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