Say also wrong, no say also wrong

That’s the bane of being a grown up. If you are a kid, you are allowed to say what you think. But as adults, we have to think twice. And as fully, old, grown up adult like me, then, have to be even more diplomatic.

But then, my blog started out six years ago as a platform where I published to the www whatever is in my thoughts. So, after thinking so much, I think I will say it aloud. Minus they names, references and places.

Tau sama tau lah, ok?

This morning (being a Sunday), I forced myself out of bed to go somewhere. The night before, I have to remember to bring so many things. Some of them are my choir notes, tripod and etc which were downstairs. So, before I sleep, I had to keep chanting, tomorrow must take 2 things from downstairs. And another 2 from upstairs which are my mobile phone and battery for my DSLR.

My alarm clock apparently was shut off because the mobile phone shop reset my phone when they re-installed the Garmin for me. So, it didn’t go off. But lucky I got a wake up call.

Imagine, Sunday morning, 6 am in darkness, cold and I willingly went to some event. I drove in my slumber. I am only good at driving to Sunshine Square. And I really turned my mind and drove into the road after the Yayasan orphanage. Doh…..First ‘get lost’.

Next, I reached the place. There was no signs where the cable car is. Lost again.

After that, the ticket booth chap spoke Mandarin. No doubt I know he asked me for some card, I don’t catch what he said next. I took out RM2 for him, he spoke more Mandarin. Ish, speak Hokkien lah! He cannot. So, I showed him my CJ card and told him I am a ‘ki chia’. I don’t know what reporter is in Mandarin pulak.

And when I reached the top, the view was awesome. Everything was awesome. But somehow, I feel things are a bit overdone. Too much of those Chinese hierachy which I cannot stand. When I was working, I had organised enough ball carrying events like these where people have to be placed in their ranks.

And I absolutely cannot stand such ‘want face’ ceremonies. I got restless. I have seen enough of hypocrisies for one morning. So, I told one Malay photographer, “Aku tak tahan dah…ni cuma 1/3 dari program, mampus kalau nak tunggu sampai. Aku nak belah ni.”

I really FFK there and then. I feel a bit bad because earlier, I told the VVIP to speak a bit English because of my video. His speech is in Mandarin. Anyway, in that seas of photographers, who cares lah.

There was one point where the other photographers with wide angle lens (which I don’t have) wanted to capture two VVIPs with the huge statue. They asked the two VVIPs to look to their cameras while the thing is at the back. I was soooo tempted to ask the two VVIPs to stand closer. In other situation, I know I would have shouted, “Hey Misters, stand together, hands on shoulders lah!” And I know VVIP #1 would eng siew (entertain my request) because he said ‘Never say no to a photographer’. But these two VVIPs were like just crossed words the day before so I chickened out. Plus I don’t want to get snubbed by VVIP#2 in front of hundreds of people.

That’s what I mean by hypocrisies lor. Isn’t it kind of weird that they would call each other names, taunt each other, challenged each other and yet, in a holy occasion like that, stood so civil. Go lah, quarrel somemore. Or make peace and resolve to solve all their differences. Either or, don’t just smile. Show what’s in your hearts. Cos even if you don’t the big boss up there knows.

Therefore, I decided I have enough and went down. I got lost on my way. Doh…And found some beggars. It is another thing that bugs me. I just saw some millionaires and billionaires up there and down here, people begging for money. Such is life.

I got to where I was going. And the big building where I went have problems with the electricity. As I sat there, I also notice the hypocrisies. Same thing lah, we spent millions to build a new building. But strip the electricity away, suddenly, the people don’t know even the Nicene creed because the OHP is not working. It is all a big building nia, with almost hollow insides.

That’s what we are. We cling to some building, some statue, some meaning, some symbol and often forgot that actually, if each of us just do something nice for another person, we actually don’t need so much pomp and pageantry. Then again, people like them. So, what to do…

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  1. Tks, Banker. It sounds like teacher hor? Now, I think I know how to pronounce that cos I heard people using that word except I didn’t know it is reporter.

  2. I also just learned it at Batang Ai By Election. I am a Mandarin idiot.

    Cheers and have a nice day

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