Twitter Updates for 2009-12-07

  • I am going to some morning market at 8am to do some CJ video about some issues with some people abt some Adun. Be afraid please. #
  • I wonder where my trolls are? Or hv my blog become so boring, even trolls don't want to leech on? Aiks, self esteem problems liao lol. #
  • Nuffnang advertorial must put disclosure. I prefer none cos am writing real stuffs n not influenced by $$. But wateva lah #
  • Whoever tells you that you can EASILY make money blogging, tell them go die. It is hard work, perseverance, skillful, cunning n visionary. #
  • Now, I hv a bit of problem. My Adsense using my gmail is 'blacklisted'. So I cannot integrate my Feedburner n Analytics with Adsense.How? #
  • LOL, I hvnt dabbled with WP theme files and php coding for so long, I suddenly forgot how to mess them or add banner. #
  • Watched My Sister's Keeper 3rd learn good filming,check the colour co-ordinated clothes n background,1/3 rule n non-moving camera. #
  • I repeat, burning of poster no big deal, give the 9 hses to them, shut up everyone, kau tim sai. But do they listen? #
  • is serving tomato/shitake pasta, teriyaki beef balls and French ham sandwiches (diff 'customer' diff requests lor) for dinner. #

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