The weekend when I was sooo happy I got married young

During the weekend, I went to Queensbay Mall with my four sons and hubby. In Penang, we have like only two shopping malls worth lepak-ing, the other being Gurney Plaza. So, you can expect lots of familiar faces when you go window shopping on weekends.

First, I saw an uncle from church with a younger girl. He is quite good looking, with moustache and all. Being the bad Christian who has to gossip when there is a gossip to gossip about, I whispered to one of my sons, “Hey, that’s so&so from your catechism class grandpa. And that definitely is not her grandma.” Oh well, what to do….when a older man walks with a very much younger woman, we tend to wonder if that woman is the grand-daughter or daughter who was born late.

Maybe, this Sunday, when I say,

I confess to almighty God,
and to you, my brothers and sisters,
that I have sinned through my own fault,
in my thoughts and in my words,
in what I have done, and in what I have failed to do;

….I will think of that gossipy episode and repented and never to gossip again….until some other older man walked hand in hand with a much younger woman……

Then, that’s not my only fault. I met two ex-colleagues. Both are about the same age as me. While my older boys are already out of school and in college (btw, my #2 son just finished his SPM and received his Merdeka already) and my two younger boys are capable of walking on their own and peeing on their own, my two ex-colleagues still have small kids who need to be carried.

Sometimes, I have forgotten how lucky I am. I no longer need to work. I don’t have office hours to tie me down. At this time of the year when bonus, appraisal and promotion are imminent, I no longer sweat over those. I don’t have to feel like a mute being stung by bees when I know some people get promotion and increment while I don’t or feel disappointed with the amount of bonus etc etc.

And when I see people the same age as me still dealing with small kids, milk, change of diapers and clothes, baby buggies and all, I went, “Woohoo…total freedom! I can now shake hands, shake legs and shake butts and boobs because my boys are all grown up.

That’s when I feel so blessed. I can now crack jokes with my older boys if the father is ogling boobs or they can joke with me that the father has ran off with his ‘seh-ee’ when we suddenly found he did the disappearing act of going off on his own to shop his things.

And when the sons saw something like a nipple tape, they can made their angmoh slang voice and called out, “Liliannn…..what on earth are nipples tape?” So, I will explain and they will tell me, “Haven’t they heard of scotch tape?” Which I will explain is not adhesive enough. So, I said, “Why not duct tape? Comes in multi-colours, including silver.” And the two older sons will laughed, “Stupid lah you ma, with duct tape, even the nipple will come off. Don’t you know that?”

Sigh…life is good. Very good.

(btw, nipple tape, for those innocent ones, are two pieces of flesh tone tape which is supposed to keep the nipple down so that one can go braless without those pointy buttons showing like Venus the tennis player)

3 thoughts on “The weekend when I was sooo happy I got married young

  1. Eh, I thought showing nipps is the whole idea about going braless? You know.. pointy buttons on some jiggy mount are what excite the opposite sex?? Hmmm..

  2. bunkimyew – It works likedis. Nice nice girls who have no intention of showing nipples but want to wear bareback or low low cut needs it mah.

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