Twitter Updates for 2009-12-08

  • RT @Aen: Google Chrome for Mac is finally released! Download the beta #
  • Kenapa PM boleh ke Selatan Thai tapi tak sanggup bagi Chin Peng jumpa beliau? Come on, bro, chill a bit and give the old man a chance lah. #
  • Remember Tan Hoon Cheng who went to ISA n Ahmad Ismail? Hoon Cheng video and Ahmad is back again #
  • I got a nice surprise from Tupperware today with nice Eco friendly containers.Tomolo gonna tapau my breakfast, lunch and dinner Tupperware. #
  • Lilian, time to concentrate on writing yr advertorials, submit so tt you get money. Stop wasting time with politicians n their antics… #
  • Re Kampung Buah Pala, let's rewind…. #
  • Weird? I took a bunch of kubur photos, then went for lunch of ikan sembilang. I took a lot of pics but my photos only up to kubur. The rest? #
  • Today I saw the horrors done by UMNO/BN towards the common people and even the dead people. I can't bliv the people hv to suffer like that. #
  • This morning, I learned tt if you dare to walk around with a camera n a video camera with a smile, you can get all ppl to talk to you. #
  • RT @rasamalaysia: – Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng giving speech in LA gathering (For SzeMin) #
  • Sienz, my C & D drives full again, time to move to F& G, then, if F&G full, delete files. Just like our lives, delete when not necessary. #
  • Do u think local Msian bloggers must put disclosure for paid posts for local ads? I don't think so. What about you? #
  • At last, I got video on issues related to Malays, instead of my regular Indians issue. Had been out CJ fm 8 – 1 pm. Phew….but rewarding #

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