Did I make a new year 2009 resolution?

Another year sailed by.
Or is it whoosh-ed by?
Then again, didn’t it crawl instead?
The year is almost ending.

For someone who was so excited about Christmas and put a Christmas theme before Advent (and getting tsk tsk tsk by dear ole’ Father GT), I suddenly do not look forward to Christmas or New Year.

Actually, I never like Christmas. I had to work very hard to find the excitement. Last year, I remembered I only made it to Christmas vigil when mass was almost over. The hubby wasn’t keen to go and I find it weird to spend Christmas vigil alone. The previous year, I parked my car so far, I forgot which Lorong I parked it and couldn’t find the car when mass ended. This year, I think I will not bother anymore.

I think I will just go on my own this year. So much for trying too hard. Oh yeah, I also heard that the CM silently went into church last year for Christmas vigil. I was then, a total #1 fan and was pissed I missed seeing him. This year, I am sick of seeing him, so it is no longer a big deal.

That brings me to my new year resolutions. I never make resolutions. I learned that doing it only brings disappointments, feeling of failure, never really make it, childish and a whole lot of negative feelings.

You know what? For an achiever like me, I never really need to make resolutions because when I set my mind on something, I will try until I made it. For 2009, I think my biggest achievement is the ability to bring stories in videos. Maybe people call it citizen journalism. To me, it is merely telling stories like how I blog. Except that I do it with videos.

So, the years roll by. I haven’t bring out the Christmas tree. Was supposed to ask my housekeeper to go dig it out but I had been oversleeping. Each day, if I do not have any appointment, I would sleep till noon and by then, my housekeeper already finished her work and went back. Without mopping my room floor or folding my blanket. Which of course, if you need to know, I find it a complete waste of time to fold blankets and make beds. Complete, total, waste of energy, time and reason.

4 thoughts on “Did I make a new year 2009 resolution?

  1. I completely agree with you regarding making bed and folding blankets,but I always lose the argument to my wifey who insisted.

  2. yays if only my mom is like you.. LOL. then i wouldn’t need to be nagged for not making bed and folding blankets. =D

  3. “I find it a complete waste of time to fold blankets and make beds. Complete, total, waste of energy, time and reason.”

    totally agree!!!

    and thanks for your achievement of using video in telling stories. For many times, I’m moved. I believe that you’ll continue showing people the “reality” and move or whack up many more ppl in the future.


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