The ‘suey-ness’ of men through Tiger

I am very busy helping my eldest son to prepare for tonight’s BBQ and CKT party. So, Astro was on TV and there is a program about Tiger Woods. By now, I hope everyone knows who is Tiger Woods? He is the child golf star turned into bigger golf star. The mom is a Thai, the father I not sure but orlang lah.

Tiger Woods have been mentioned in some parenting forum where the speaker shared about how Tiger’s father had influenced him alot in his golf career. Usually, fathers are reminded to be supportive of their kids like Tiger’s father etc etc.

So, recently, it was revealed that Tiger had been having a lot of affairs with a lot of women, some of them pornstars.

Nothing surprising, right? Men never can get themselves out of trouble one. They will always get into trouble, somehow, some way.

Then, I also read that the wife was so mad with him, she threw a handphone at him, causing his teeth to chip or something like that. I told a male friend and he doesn’t believe it until I showed him the news on several online news site. Well, believe it.

When you pissed a woman off like what Tiger did to his wife, a woman is capable of doing worse harm. What more, Tiger’s sms-es messages with a pornstar was published on the papers too.

The show I watched on Astro went on and on about Tiger Woods. They have experts trying to analyse what went wrong with Tiger. Some psychologists said Tiger does not fall into the category of sex addict (actually those are lame excuses men conjure up for their bad behaviour) and give some mumbo-jumbo psychological explanations.

Come on lah, no need to dissect so much one. Men are always like that. Bill Clinton did it. Napolean did it. King Henry did it. Rasputin did it. All the China emperors did it. Some of our Malaysian politicians did it. It is ingrained in men.

What’s so surprsing, right?

And hor, I forgot to mention. The wife said she is not divorcing just yet. Experts said it is because she was from a broken marriage and doesn’t want her kids to grown up the same. The 5xmom said, “She is smart. Make sure she gets all the legal things done, bleed Tiger Woods dry, get all the money and properties before she scram.”

Because at the end of it, the most important thing is to get the money. Usually, only men with lots of money get into these sort of troubles, ok? And don’t be the stupid woman who condoned your husband infidelity by playing the martyr. Some poor men also cheat but the wives are usually foolish to try to make it work or even worse condone his infidelities. Potong lah!