Looking back at the past 12 months – January 2009

It is that time of the year when we look back at what we had done for the last 12 months in year. If you are working, I guess your boss probably has some appraisal for you. Since, I am my own boss, I shall look back and see what I had done.

Good thing about a blogger is I get to read back what I wrote. All 12 months of them, day by day.

So, in January 2009, I was taking my citizen journalism course at Aliran. Attending the course was like a ‘grown up’ thing to do because I spent all my weekends from 9 am to 5 pm at Aliran, learning something new. Jan 31, I blogged about tapau lunch.

Chinese New Year fell on January 25 (I think). I think I didn’t do any Chinese New Year gathering for the in-laws. Must make mental note to treat them to my Chinese traditional dishes come CNY 2010.

The highlight was my little boy who went to kindie at the age of six. It was a breeze sending him to kindie because both hubby and I were there. Hmmm…Hubby wasn’t working yet in January 2009.

And I think I love this post most about being an imperfect parent.

So, basically, January 2009 has been kind to me.

P/S : I am in a dilemma right now. Initially when we move here to Tanjung Bungah, I thought of changing my little boy’s school to St. Xavier Cawangan in Jalan Brother James, Pulau Tikus.

Now, hubby’s friend who is in the PTA in St. Xavier main said cawangan no good. My older sons said cawangan got lots of Indian gangsters. Wilson visited his old school and found it too run down.

The cawangan Primary One is afternoon session. The main is all morning session. With morning session, I get more time to do more CJ or do volunteer work or even go morning exercise after I drop the kid. With afternoon school, I get to wake up late. Arrggh…now I cannot decide.

5 thoughts on “Looking back at the past 12 months – January 2009

  1. hey Chan, Malaysian gangsters would sound better than Indian Gangsters. we should treat this as a Msian problem. Thanks . No offence

  2. Hey I hope I’m don sound argumentative, but I think we should call a duck a duck and a chicken a chicken. If its chinese ganster then call chinese ganster lor…but this one happen to be indian mah… Don’t be like my gwei lou colleagues when describing a person dare not even to mention the race when it will be much more simpler and practical to say the ‘black lady’ if she’s the only black in the room, rather than ah umm medium height ahh ummm aahh medium length hair aah uhhhmmm dark complexion….

  3. mei – Yalor yalor, no need to be so defensive mah. Chinese mah Chinese lor. Indian mah Indian lor. What’s wrong with our own respective races, right? Walk with head held high, nothing wrong mah, hor?

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