Photos of the weekend

Finally, the Christmas tree is up but we cannot find where the lights are.

snowmen cupcakes for christmas

These lovely cupcakes are made by my niece’s friend. So, so pretty, right?

Today, my #1 son had a BBQ and CKT party at home. Yesterday, my #2 had another bash at a Muslim friend’s home. So, we decided to keep it simple and I didn’t call my in-laws nor my sisters. It is so much easier to cater to only one group instead of trying to take care of the in-laws, the relatives and foods.


I got a pretty gift from Lingzie. And it is another snowman! Such cute earrings, I love it!

snowman earrings

I am so blessed to have a son who is into cooking because I love preparing for large parties. Now, I get to play along with the son. He made some agar-agar with sponge cake, topped with whipped cream and longan.


We had the usual barbeque stuffs like lamb chops, beef tenderloin kebab, prawns, chicken and etc. But the siew bak is of course my favourite.

roasted pork

I watched the roasted pork like watching TV ‘cos taking care of the meat is important to make sure that the skin crackles but not burnt.

Anyway..I am not sure if I am going to do any Christmas or New Year gathering because I am due to do my lasik with Optimax on 23rd December. Of course, it is not like I am crippled or something. The surgery only take a few minutes and heal in 24 hours. I have to follow some steps like not rubbing my eyes and no eye-make up for two weeks. But it is a good excuse not to feed the in-laws with this excuse, no? Kekekeke, I am so selfish.

Never mind, I am still getting a turkey this year since it will be good training for the son to roast a turkey. So, I still have to find people to eat that bird, whether I like the in-laws or not.

4 thoughts on “Photos of the weekend

  1. Wow! nice food….salivating over the roast pork…wish i can make one like that….my son H now too busy working to cook 4 me 🙁 Anyway I will be roasting a turkey for my sis Christmas gathering in my new Teka oven…my first try…..

  2. Homemade siew yuk? Looks real great! Next post in Best Recipes, k? My loukong loves siew yuk, I like the skin ;-p

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