Twitter Updates for 2009-12-14

  • Ini untuk kawan2 Melayu. Tempat seafood Melayu by the sea kat Pantai Jerjak/Gold Coast #
  • Pakatan Rakyat n in particular, one of it's party does have a lot of leeches. Nak abu sikit, pak? Lintah baru tak melekat. #
  • If u r Mkini subscriber, pls watch my interview with Uncle Tony who was in the Special Branch fighting the communist #
  • The rain is here and I am mighty happy. #
  • RT @celestinetan: @5xmom True. No demand = No supply. It is frightening how couples wud source and buy. It sounds so wrong to BUY, right? #
  • Kekeke – He described Dr Teng (hock nan) and Chin as "worn out recycled items". #
  • Who do u think is the bigger criminal? The couple who buys baby or the one who sells? Me think it is the one who buy. #
  • RT @leowbh: Itu lah, DAP, PKR pi merata buat janji sebab tak sangka boleh jadi kerajaan. Sikalang kantoi lor, amaciam? #
  • Bribery begins at home. "Darling, u must drink water fm this bottle for me to take pics. Pose for me, I buy u toy when I get my money." #
  • I shall hv to slave to this PC until I finished polish my advertorial. If only ppl knows the agonies…of making money blogging. kekeke #
  • am wondering…X-Factor UK has so many gorgeous hunks n chicks. But American Idol always hv obese weirdoes. Is this intentional or ???? #
  • The X Factor 2009 – Olly & Robbie Williams: Angels. Anything with Robbie is good, ok? #
  • My broadband speed is so fast today, Youtube plays all the way thru. Whee! #
  • You know you hv too many domains when u kenot remember the URL, which server they r stored n yr WP login ID. #
  • Dear Lilian, Do you realise that today is the last day you are wearing contact lenses? Aren't you excited abt not 'taking yr eyes' out? #
  • Sweating in the hall, doing grown up things like writing local advertorials n making $$. But I get to wear shorts, faded tee n crosslegged. #

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