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How to avoid kena fark by me (or any other females)

1) Don’t try to be smart

2) Don’t act dumb either

3) Don’t try to be too friendly

4) Don’t be haughty either

5) Don’t assume

6) Don’t presume either

7) Don’t treat me like a meek woman

8 ) Don’t expect me to have no feelings like a man either

9 ) Don’t be the menopausal woman

10) Don’t be the andropausal male too

Otherwise, I am very nice.

7 Responses to “How to avoid kena fark by me (or any other females)”

  1. Give you 3.60

  2. Apa nama – What 3.60? Out of? 3.5?

  3. My father warned me about people like you. He said “Do not try to understand them, and do not try to make them understand you”

  4. I’m wondering about the “do’s”

  5. Good advice! If everyone follows… there would be “Peace on Earth!”

  6. hahahahahahahahahaha……………….good one mom!

  7. I always hv the confusion between assume and presume, heh.

    Good one!