Twitter Updates for 2009-12-15

  • Danny Law mah mou min? YB Jason and YB Law Choo Kiang (both PKR) solved the problem minus Danny loud mouth. #
  • Dell lay off? Ahh..but, but, but…someone said someone is going to meet Michael Dell geh? Apamaciam ni? Tipu saya? #
  • No more contact lenses for me for a wk. One wk till my lasik at Optimax. One wk of wearing spec though :(. But after tt, it is freedom! #
  • Why they like to hold events at tt certain new mall geh? Mah fan dou sei, must U turn, jam, pusing so many rounds n kenot simply park. #
  • is marvelling how Kathy Chow is luring Damian Lau in The Chamber of Bliss. (lilian..u need to get a life, seriously) #
  • I demand to know why god made women bleed every month. It is so unfair, ok? It makes tampon n pads manufacturers rich only, nothing else. #
  • I think Damian Lau is awfully charming. Watching In the Chamber of Bliss. #
  • is going out to support our Ah Beng braders in the 'entertainment industry' with RM3/piece for five episodes. Support local industry!kekeke #
  • Life is too short to be bothered with assholes but it certainly is fun to bitch about them. #
  • RT @Aen: A woman parading her cleavage in public as superiority over other women is equivalent to a man parading his erection to other men. #
  • Hasrat telah tercapai. Rasuah dah selamat diberi kat anak. I owe him $50 for using him in my advertorial pics, he spent RM23.90+RM38.90. #
  • V know Msians r not very smart ppl when stupid, inane, moronic,bodoh,sohai,unimpt news fm vernacular pprs continue to hog 'Most Read/Viewed' #
  • Today Tuesday, time 1 pm, just woke up, kid insisted I pay his bribe though my Tupperware ad no ok yet, toystore again, eat what at Gurney? #
  • RT @Asohan: Recipients of 2010 TED Fellowships include @premesh of @msiakini: #

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