Curious kids need to be tough inside

“Matthew….. you remember the Friso Family Day Out we attended last year?”

He still remembers the fun time he had at 1Utama last year.


So, I told him I need to write a blog post about Friso and asked him to help me. This is what he suggested,

“My six years old boy used to drink Friso because it is good. He said it is yummy. And it makes him healthy too!”

Well, don’t be surprise that my boy is capable of stringing sentences together because he sometimes read as I was typing. That’s the benefit of having a mom who blogs.

I just look back at the photo album and oh boy…my little boy has grown a lot since the last one year. That’s the marvels of having kids. They grow and grow so fast right in front of our eyes. He was still drinking from a bottle last year. But this year, he has stopped drinking milk as he is now in regular meals.


I am still very glad that he had Friso’s milk protective nutrients that had kept him strong and healthy when he was younger. So, what are so special about Friso milk that makes me wax lyrical about them?

For a start, Friso contains prebiotics and friendly bacteria (probiotics) that make kids have tougher tummies because we parents cannot tell when they would get into trouble with their curiosities. Kids have these urges to play with things they aren’t supposed to like touching dirty kittens they found or put their grubby hands to their mouths. It is all part of their learning process so kids are best left to explore the world around them. Let me explain a bit about the concept of prebiotics and probiotics in simple terms. Healthy live bacteria (probiotics) are good bacteria that can help fight bad bacteria that make your child sick. Prebiotics are food for your good bacteria in order for the good bacteria to multiply. When you have more good bacteria than bad bacteria, your child will have stronger immune system.

With Friso’s protective nutrients like 2 Prebiotics, 2 Probiotics, 5 Nucleotides, Selenium and 4 Carotenes, we have a better peace of mind. I know what a chore it is when our kids get sick or how heartbreaking to see them when they are ill. So, it is always better to play safe by giving them what we can.

So, parents, are you going to the Friso Family Day Out this year? I am not sure if I can make it yet but if time allows, I am going to bring my little boy there again. All we need to do is to log on to and upload a photo of our child and decorate the photo with the funny shields and germs on the site. Save the image and blog about it.

Remember to use the title “Curious kids need to be tough inside” and write a bit on how to increase your child’s immune system and submit the blog post URL to to get an invite.

*This is an advertorial but all opinions are mine and my boy was one happy Friso milk user.*

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