So here I am…

on a public holiday, long weekend, school holiday and holed up at home.

How sad…..

It is barely days away from Christmas too.

I should be out shopping for the turkey, foodstuffs, gifts, clothes and all that but funnily enough, I don’t feel like Christmas yet. I am not going to stress myself to find my Christmas.

Turkey is easily kautim this year because my son is quite a good cook and we have a huge oven now. I no longer have to slave over the smaller microwave oven, sweating over the skewer and trying to get the darn bird to turn during grilling.

I got sick last Sunday. It is a weird sudden feeling of sickness where I felt headache, nausea, chills, feverish and congested chest and sorethroat. Then, it disappeared and I forgot all about it.

Yesterday, I had the same rush of feeling ill again. I got a huge headache that makes me feel like puking. The headache was so bad, I had to phone my kids who are downstairs to bring me two panadols. The kind of headache that makes me incapable of calling them loud enough.

So, in the evening, I was about to go out for dinner and fell asleep instead. Woke up at 2am and had Maggi assam laksa. Went back to sleep after that. And this morning, I almost fainted in the midst of doing business.

Sheessh….I haven’t had these spells of severe pain for a long long time. My two older sons are familiar with that sort of thing from me. My doctor explained that my body will shut down if I experience severe pain. So, whenever, I get really painful tummy cramps, I will break into cold sweats, get dizzy and then, fainted. My older boys call it ‘the hong eu’ emergency because before I faint, I will shout for ‘bring the hong eu’ (medicated oil). *blackout*

This morning, my hubby was watching 2012 in full blast downstairs, my sons are all snoring away so I have to breath in really deep, imagine the oxygen reaching my brain and straggled out of the bathroom and flopped on the bed, sweating.

Oh dear, I sound like I am whining. But who cares…it is that bleh when you have to be at home on a beautiful, cold rainy day like today. I want to go shopping. I want to plan what to eat on Christmas’s eve. I want to go to Genting to gamble. I want to go to Phuket beaches. I want to go to Korea. I want to go everywhere, except in bed.

whine whine whine rant rant rant whine whine whine…

(and yes, for the next 48 hrs, I got another post sticking on top)