Tupperware Tapau Diaries

Penang is going to be the first state in Malaysia to go green. Next year, we are going to have three days of ‘No Plastic Bags’. From January 1st 2010, hypermarkets, supermarkets and single retail stores are not giving us anymore plastic bags on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


The aim is to reduce our carbon footprints and help Mother Nature to preserve the environment. A few trendy shoppers gave me several suggestions on how to reduce the usage of plastic bags. Some of them bring their own Tupperware to the market to pack the fishes, prawns and meats so that they do not need to take any plastic bags home. They said it is so convenient to just give the fresh foods a quick wash and store them in the same Tupperware and freeze it. The foods remain fresh and there are no worries of any harmful chemicals when food is frozen at very low temperature.


It takes time for us to change our habits but I think if each of us start to be more aware of the damages done to the environment as a result of our careless action today, the earth will be a happier and nicer place for our children and grandchildren.


Tupperware is taking the initiative to encourage consumers to be more eco-friendly. So, they sent me a box of their wonderful Eco products for me to test out. I was so surprised and happy to receive the box containing several pieces of containers. And it’s the real Tupperware branded containers – not just any plastic container that we carelessly called ‘tupperware’ which is actually ‘tipu-ware’ .”


I love the thoughtful way these containers are made because each of them come in different sizes and hence, making it really easy for us to pack our foods according to our needs.

To be frank, I am not one who brings my own canister to tapau my foods because the containers I have are not made for packing foods. Sometimes, the gravy and soup may spill. Some are aluminium wares, hence, making it unsuitable for packing sourish foods like laksa. Then, there are those which cannot stand high heat like hot soups from the fish head beehoon. Or others that become a chore to wash when used for oily curry.


But with the high quality Tupperware and the nice looking bag that comes with the containers, I am now so proud to be part of this trendy Go Green Generation where we are doing our bit for the environment.
The other thing I love about Tupperware is their new ECO Bottle which is a fantastic alternative those PET water bottles. I have read so much about the harmful chemical released when these ‘mineral water bottle’ is left in hot sun or used for too long. Now, with Tupperware ECO bottle, I can safely fill it with water from home. There are no old bottles disposed and leak toxic chemicals to mother earth.


As we all know, Tupperware has been around for a long time and we know how reliable they are for quality. So, I can safely pack my meals for the children and myself in their containers. There is no problem of spillage because of the air tight cover. Then, there are some Tupperware with their air-vent which will not make foods packed in their container soggy because steam can escape.

So, are you still tapau-ing your foods in plastic bags or are you now ready to join the Tupperware users and be friendly to the environment? Of course, the other plus point is you do not need to find bowls to pour your meals. Just eat straight from the container.

6 thoughts on “Tupperware Tapau Diaries

  1. Good for Penang for taking this initiative! It’d be great if other states follow this example.

    I’m also using Tupperware, but we find that the quality has somewhat degraded if compared to long long time ago. Some of the lids are flimsy and have to be replaced several times…

  2. If only they have more retail outlets. Maybe they should open some at the malls here. Can look at the models 1st hand rather than looking at catalogues.

    *Hope the advertisers don’t email me for my comment again*

  3. Dear 5xmom,
    I would like to give you some enviromental friendly products too.
    Where can i send them to.
    Regards Pat

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