Twitter Updates for 2009-12-18

  • just visited her Farmville frens n note that u can tell how neat/OCD the real person is from the way they organise their farm. #
  • Chou san, TaiMa (that's Malaysia in Cantonese, not to b cuntfused with taiyeema). Lei hou? #
  • In the Chamber of Bliss, tai keek kuk lor. So much better than Beyond The Realm of Conscience #
  • RT @STUMPBO: @5xmom Si lai, then please make sure u eat lots bird nests, play some mahjong, go yum cha, hou mmm hou che? (hou, hou lol) #
  • I watched so much HKTVB soppy series, now I am thinking in Cantonese. Sei ler. Tim hou leh? Ngo pin jor si lai lor #
  • I think if I shit a few more times, my fever and headache will be flushed away by midnight. I must not be sick tomorrow…. #
  • RT @leowbh: Citizen journalists graduation tomorrow by the beach…..(so I must fast fast get over my fever to finish yr 3 bottles) #
  • Moral of the story? – A woman will marry even a chimpanzee if chimpanzee is rich. #

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