Joy to the world

Cliche, huh? But I hope you like my video. I shot this last night. If any of your church members are in there, please share with them. Anyone of you who knows Bishop Andrew Phang or Rev. Koe, please send them the link. I am honoured to meet them and I am so glad my beloved church Bishop made me feel so at ease meeting the other two Bishop and Rev. Other times, I would freak out in front of people like these. Scary, you know?

And no, CM Lim Guan Eng wasn’t rapping or something (at the end of the video). He was just waving to me, surprised that I seem to be everywhere cos earlier in the afternoon, I was at another event.

I haven’t got into the Christmas mood yet. Hope to find it in my heart, soon.

Remember, tonight is roll tang yuen night. Sor kueh ee.