So, what do you want to know about Parti Cinta Malaysia? (interview with Huan Cheng Guan)

I know a lot of people are curious about this Parti Cinta Malaysia. I arranged for an interview with Huan Cheng Guan but I was delayed for the video filming. However, I managed to dig out from him several things. Let’s get to know this new party call Parti Cinta Malaysia. (those in brackets are my own views)

1) Chua Soi Lek has nothing to do with PCM.

2) PCM is registered using an Indian pub in Butterworth

3) PCM gets very fast approval because probably, the big one up there feels it is safer to have a third party than for people who are unhappy with Gerakan to start hopping over to PKR or DAP. (who knows, one day BN may lure PCM over? This is also how Makkal Sakthi gets their while Hindraf have to wait)

4) Huan Cheng Guan did say DSAI did asked him to join PKR but Huan feels there is no place for him in PR because there are so many DAPs/PKRs people already (yes, at the end, it is about position still)

5) Huan said Gerakan youth should whack UMNO and not LGE because LGE is still new (hence, ‘pure’ and people will have strong support for him). Whereas, if Gerakan Youth whacked UMNO, then, the Chinese will swing in favour because for Chinese, it is all about face value.

I also told Huan we are sick and tired of DAPsy (DAP youth) fighting with Gerakan Youth all the time.

6) Generally, I observed Huan’s pet peevee is KTK and not LGE. But Huan said if LGE stays for 3 terms, he will also turn to become like KTK.

7) Huan is the loud mouth, couldn’t care less, hentam saja person. He said it is the trend to whack people. I told him, yes lah, Lim Guan Eng’s style lah. LGE always start like a gentleman but as he keeps talking, he will start whacking.

8 ) I asked Huan what will happen to the rest of the Gerakan members who won’t join PCM and yet, aren’t happy in the party? Will they also start another new political party? Huan said, “you think so easy mehhhh?”

9) PCM will definitely prepare themselves for GE13. Huan who was from Batu Kawan formerly, said when he was there, he had a 10,000 majority. So, he gave his seat to KTK but KTK lost 10,000 votes and Prof Rama won. Huan said he still has a lot of Indian support in Batu Kawan.

10) I told him Uthayakumar said during one of his speech in Kampung Buah Pala, they are going to win the Batu Kawan parliamentary seat by getting all Indians in Malaysia to register and vote there. (kekekekeke, I know it sounds funny) So, I told Huan, why not join up with HRP and start the 3rd coalition. (I almost blurted out if he wants me to get appointment with Uthayakumar kekekekeke)

11) Huan is a retired major from the Askar Wataniah and a lance corporal from the air force. He joined politics since 1991 and has two children. He stays both in KL and Penang. He watches football all the time, goes to pub for his meetings and overall, without any prejudices, I think KTK and THNan are going to be soooo pissed.

12) PCM is a supposed to be a multi-racial party

13) Jimmy asked why PCM? It sounds like parti komunis malaysia. Huan laughed and said many people joked it is parti cina malaysia, parti cari makan and etc. He doesn’t care, really.

14) I told Huan Chinese needs more politicians with balls (kekeke). Abuden, got balls also must have substance lah, if not become like hot air balloon nia hor?

15) Huan asked me where I vote? I told him my Adun is YB Sim, nay..the one you (huan) quarrel with before? But I am now a registered voter in Air Putih. He said, “Ohhh…so you get closer to Lim Guan Eng lah?” Aiyor, I was already living in Air Putih before LGE comes to Penang lah. I told him, “yayaya, I am Lim Guan Eng’s spy, you don’t know meh?”

So, in conclusion….I have no prejudices against any party, any individual. I have heard a lot of stuffs about this chap, that chap, whatever lah. They are all awfully nice to me. My only hope is whoever is in control, just remember to take care of the people and not their own personal interest. Huan said KTK mistake is he lost touch with his grassroots support. Huan told us that DSAI is great with his people, showing his concern, going out of his way to show he cares etc.

I assured Huan we will help him to fan the fire.

So, anyone interested to join PCM? Got plenty of vacancies.

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  1. Where does it locate , actually i am penangites who came back from singapore.I am 41 years old who keen to joint yr Party as a member and currently jobless.

  2. I am 41 years old. Kindly advise me via my hotmail or sms my hp 0164734378. Waiting for yr reply asap…..

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