Project put Huan Cheng Guan and Parti Cinta Malaysia on 1st page of Google

I must remind myself how powerful my search engine optimization skills are. I used to put Khairy Jamaluddin, Samy Vellu, Koh Tsu Koon, Khir Toyo, Ali Rustam, Pak Lah and many other people on the first page of Google. Of course, being on first page doesn’t mean it is good for them.

But it is good for my blog traffic. I even managed to get on first page for Chua Soi Lek once a upon a time and get thousands of hits per day from perverts looking for CSL sex video. (which I don’t promote, ok?)

Then again, if people are searching for Lim Guan Eng, they will find my videos and blog posts as well. Which of course, was how he comes to know who 5xmom is.

Now, I am going to start a new trend. I expect Parti Cinta Malaysia or PCM to be hated by Pakatan Rakyat, Barisan Nasional, doubtful people, angry people, curious people and etc etc. So, I must jump in first to get the scoop. They will m search for PCM or Parti Cinta Malaysia soon.

Well, I missed the chance of interviewing Mr. Huan Cheng Guan eventhough I was the one who arranged it. But I had a chance to talk to him and took a photo as well.

So, here is the photo of Huan Cheng Guan.

And in a couple of days, when people look for Huan Cheng Guan, they will have to go through my blog, tralalala. Right now, Lim Si Pin old post showed how out of touch Gerakan is because Lim Si Pin openly showed how little he cares or knows about his own party members, what more the vice-president of the Penang Gerakan.

Hmmmm…maybe I should stop blogging for money and become a cybertrooper. But not just any cybertrooper, a 1Malaysia cybertrooper who works for PAS, UMNO, DAP, Gerakan, MCA, MIC, HRP, PCM, PKR…… My fees are cheap. Pakatan Rakyat parties, RM10K per month, Barisan Nasional RM60K per month plus dedicated server, RM400 mouse, RM40K PC at least 5 units, change half yearly……., dan lain-lain parties, cincai lah, RM5K nia. All under table, tax free ok?

For Lim Guan Eng, free one.

Of course, this is just a humourous, good for nothing post. It is all part of SEO and the power of the internet.

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  1. Ya, like searching for pang sai and see where it goes. You the best lah!

    Next time do ‘Handsome’ for me lah!!! wtf!!!

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